Fourth of July mani

So I ended up feeling kinda festive yesterday – my mom and I went to downtown Walnut Creek and all the flags got to me. Plus this article ( ) made me feel like I needed to be more patriotic, and this is the result 🙂

Bottles used

NYC Pier 17, Claire's Red Slipper, Unnamed white from the Color Workshop

I started out thinking I would be lazy and just alternate colors on my nails. I was hunting down cotton balls to take off the polish I was currently wearing when I saw it: a bobby pin. Then, of course, I remembered the youtube tutorial Cute Polish put up about alternative dotting tools and I decided I was going to dot my nails for the first time in, well, months.


The final result

I thought they ended up looking pretty good, but then again I definitely smudged a few dots on my middle finger. It’s just staying on until Tuesday, though, so I can deal.

And here are a few more shots:

zoom out 1

zoom out 2


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