Bath & Body Works Haul!

Yesterday my dad took me to the mall in my search for sunglasses that actually help out my super UV sensitive eyes (more on that later, the expedition was a success!) and on the trek back from Nordstrom we saw a lot of yellow around Bath & Body Works. Well, everybody, you know what that means: drumroll please…. the Hello, Yellow sale! Because my dad is as much a sucker for good smelling things as I am, we had to go in. He disappeared to the wall of colognes and whatnot – did you know they have a version of twilight woods for men? It’s awesome. but anyways, I ended up with a medium sized haul. and the best part? There was a buy $30 of stuff get $10 off thing going on, and I barely made it over. 8 products for $20? Yes please 😀

Here are the photos:

all the products

Everything Together

stress relief lotion, body wash

Stress Relief Lotion and Body wash in Eucalyptus Spearmint

The whole family loves these two – I guess we’re pretty stressed out! I got two bottles of the lotion since we seem to go through a bottle a month, and at 50% off its always good to stock up 😛 . The scent is very herbal and sharp but it has a weird relaxing/ refreshing effect. I don’t feel sleepy after using it but it doesn’t make me hyper either. The eucalyptus is dominant and the mint is kind of a top note. It comes on a bit strong at first, but it mellows out on the skin to a lightish fragrance that actually is pretty relaxing. Bonus tip: the body wash is so foamy that i have used it as a bubble bath during finals and stuff.

Signature Classic Body Splash in Pink Grapefruit and White Tea Ginger

Both of these have light summery scents. The grapefruit is pretty much straight up – I can’t smell the wood or musk that’s supposed to be in there. It’s honestly a fantastic scent: sweet but not too sweet or girly nd perfect for spring and summer. The white tea ginger is a very floral scent. The ginger gives it a warm feel but it still seems summery. and of course, the tea smells good.

Moisturizing hand soap in island margarita and a Slatkin Co. candle in Twilight woods

I love B&BW hand soap. It makes my hands soft, clean, and good smelling. And pretty. You can never beat pretty hands. I’m a big fan of all the variations they have on the basic citrus scent at B&BW. This particular incarnation is a really sweet citrus, like limeade with a little kick. And it feels/acts like lotion on my skin until i rinse it off. I will repurchase these forever. I haven’t done anything to the candle yet because it’s 100 degrees out. On Tuesday we had a freezing thunderstorm.  North CA weather is…strange.

That’s all for now!


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