“Indian tip”

Have you ever eaten Indian food? If you have, you might have noticed that everything is tinted an extraordinary shade of yellow. This color comes from turmeric, and it forms the ever-dreaded so-called Indian tip. I recently attended an Indian dinner party. These get-togethers have an astonishing regularity in their formula. Women in one room, men in the other, kids upstairs trying awkwardly to get along with people half and/or double their age. It would actually be funny but I’m usually one of the awkward kids, haha.  But anyways, there is an astonishing amount of Indian food and you are expected to eat it with your hands. It stains even the brightest nail polish a weird shade of yellow. It permeates every top coat in the world.

Here it is:

Even this orange gets the Indian treatment 🙂

But there is hope! You know how topcoats are astonishingly resistant to polish remover? Turmeric isn’t so infallible. So just put a drop of nail polish remover (only one drop! You shouldn’t be able to feel a wet spot on the cotton) on a cotton ball and wipe gently. No scrubbing, or the polish will come off completely. If you do it right, then poof! just like magic, no more stained nails.


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