Covergirl LashBlast Volume Blasting mascara

This was my first mascara, and I still like it better than everything else I’ve tried. Lancome Definicils, you have nothing on this pretty cheap, massively orange tube. One swipe on my lashes and I was in love with its spiky futuristic brush and gorgeously defining formula. And did I mention that it seem to help my lashes curl? When I came back to this formula after the Lancome, little hearts seriously formed in my eyes. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But if I was in a cartoon, that’s honestly what would have happened. This stuff is that good.

The tube

I couldn’t be bothered to dig up a new tube of this in the packaging, so here’s the one I’m going through right now. You was see my fingertips being dwarfed by this on the side, so that should give you an indication of how big it is. I actually found that a larger brush handle helped me to be more careful with the mascara, as compared to a smaller more finicky handle.

The brush

This is Covergirl’s main selling point – the huge brush. If you’re looking for precise coverage on the tiny corner lashes, then this is not a good brush for you. I personally like it because I can do one eye in about 15 seconds. All those tiny bristles are actually super skinny, flexible rubber spikes. This means that I get almost no clumping, no matter how many layers I pile on. It almost has a little lash comb effect going on. And do you notice how black the formula is? (by the way, this color is Very Black) I can never find a mascara that is truly this dark.

Natural Lashes

You can see that without mascara my lashes already have a touch of curl to them, and they are decently long. But they aren’t very defined and they are thin (although there are a lot).

With one coat Lashblast

The mascara makes a huge difference with only one coat. You can see the length and definition it gives my lashes. I can see the volume increase, but honestly, it isn’t that impressive compared to everything else.  It also gives lashes a nice curl. I didn’t use an eyelash curler or anything, but my lashes are  a little curled and fanned out. It does flake a little after a whole day of wear, but I generally go 8-9 hours without noticing any problems.   A word of caution – don’t get near water in this. Don’t wear it to sad movies, don’t wear it to the beach if you might take a dip. It doesn’t stand up to anything more than rain. I personally like that because it comes off with just water and a Neutrogena cleansing bar.  Overall, love. Get it. Although LashPerfect is looking mighty fine and i will definitely be trying it out 🙂


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