Harry Potter Nails

Yeah, I know these are a week too late. I’ve been super busy with camp and classes and best friend birthdays, though, so I have an excuse :). But anyways, these are the nails I wore to HP7 on Saturday. The movie was an amazingly fitting end to an era. I’m a Harry Potter child – the first book was published the year I was born! I’m still going though denial. I was already wearing Claire’s 14 Karat (a relatively cool gold) and it was in pretty good shape, except for a little growth. So I decided to do a tape mani with Claire’s Red Slipper. When I bought the polish I thought it would be a washed out red, but I was pleasantly surprised by the rich, shimmery opaque color.

Obviously, I'm a Gryffindor at heart.

I ended up with a sort of pointy moon manicure. There’s probably an actual name for it that I’ve never heard. To get the shape, I just taped over the corners of my nail so I had a little v left pointing from the cuticle and then added the red. Before the red dried, I peeled the tape off so I didn’t get any weird ridges on the edges. With one coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine, I think it solved the growth problem nicely. Anyways, I got a lot of compliments on my nails, so mission accomplished!

Just my thumb

My thumb looks really weird, but you can really see the glowy shimmer on the red in this picture. The gold is nice too, but against the red it looked unusually cool-toned for some reason. Overall, I just really liked this mani. It was just a coincidence that I happened to be wearing gold already, but I love that it recycled my polish – less dry time is always good. Plus, anything Harry Potter is automatically awesome.


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