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Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

While I was searching for my beloved Honey Lip Balm, I happened upon this stuff. Because I am a sucker for anything pomegranate flavored, I bought it. That may be one of the best lip product related decisions I have ever made. This is exactly the thing I have been waiting for.

It isn’t as oily as the Mango Lip Balm. Nor is it waxy like Chapstick. The consistency is awesome, light enough that you can’t really feel it on your lips. It does a good job of moisturizing too. It isn’t as good of an emollient as the honey lip balm but I think it’s good for smoothing rough lips because mine are super soft now that I’ve used it for a week. When you uncap it, the first thing you notice that it is the only tinted balm that comes in little yellow tubes. Instead of paying for the special tinted stuff, just get this. The red seems really garish but it translates into a really natural looking flush on the lips. Plus it gives you the Burt’s Bees sheen that you get with all the other lip balms. It’s like a gloss balm! Perfect for when I’m too lazy to actually pick out a gloss. However the scent is weird. I wanted a pomegranate flavored balm. I got the original peppermint flavor with licorice and overly strong pomegranate mixed in instead. If you can ignore the scent, then its a great buy. I think I will be wearing this more than my Kiehl’s glosses. That’s quite an achievement for a lip balm.


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The Color Workshop Eye Collection Kit – Browns

I was at CVS recently hunting down Neosporin when this box caught my eye. Pencil eyeliner is kind of my desert island makeup item, and there were not one but two in there. Plus, the goldish liner looked a little like Stila Koi in the box! The marble eyeshadow looked pretty too, so I simply had to pick it up.

In the package

You can see that this looks like a pretty good basic set in the box. The brushes are forgettable, but everything else looks pretty good. It looks like we might have an actual brown liquid liner too!


First of all, let’s talk about the packaging. The pencils are good, but then again its pretty hard to mess up the packaging on a pencil liner. The shadows are in a fragile feeling compact that should work fine at home but may not be able to withstand travel. The liquid liner is a pretty unusual shape. It is almost a mascara-like square tube. Although my dabbles in liquid liner usually end in raccoon-eyed disaster, I actually handled this brush pretty well. It is long, so product tends to glob near the top of the brush. However, it is a stiff enough brush that it isn’t really a problem.

Top to bottom: Gold pencil, brown pencil, liquid liner, liquid liner blended.

The gold looks more like Urban Decay El Dorado than Stila Koi, but it’s still pretty. Recently, I’ve been wearing it on my waterline and on the inner corner of my eyes. Both pencils are smooth and reasonably easy to apply. The liquid looks brown in the tube, brown on the brush, and brown when its wet. Once it dries on my lashline, it somehow turns charcoal black. I have no idea how this happens. It does blend really nicely. I can make a 30 second smoky eye with the liner alone if i let it dry for 10 seconds then smudge it upwards.

Medium EBMP, dark EBMP, light EBMP, baked eyeshadow. Blurred to show the glitter.

I do not like the eyeshadow. At all. The medium EBMP and the baked eyeshadow look identical on my skin. Glitter glitter glitter and no actual color payoff. That might actually be a good thing sometimes, though. The dark EBMP seems like it might be usable in my eyelid crease, and it has a nice slight metallic finish. The light color, though is a chalky glitter nightmare. It doesn’t blend at all and it has this random silver glitter even though the entire rest of the set has a gold undertone.

Recap: This set is worth it overall. I really like the all the liners. The eyeshadow palette is 25% good, 50% ok, and 25% crap. That’s alright, though, because it’s only $5.

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