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“Indian tip”

Have you ever eaten Indian food? If you have, you might have noticed that everything is tinted an extraordinary shade of yellow. This color comes from turmeric, and it forms the ever-dreaded so-called Indian tip. I recently attended an Indian dinner party. These get-togethers have an astonishing regularity in their formula. Women in one room, men in the other, kids upstairs trying awkwardly to get along with people half and/or double their age. It would actually be funny but I’m usually one of the awkward kids, haha. ¬†But anyways, there is an astonishing amount of Indian food and you are expected to eat it with your hands. It stains even the brightest nail polish a weird shade of yellow. It permeates every top coat in the world.

Here it is:

Even this orange gets the Indian treatment ūüôā

But there is hope! You know how topcoats are astonishingly resistant to polish remover? Turmeric isn’t so infallible. So just put a drop of nail polish remover (only one drop! You shouldn’t be able to feel a wet spot on the cotton) on a cotton ball and wipe gently. No scrubbing, or the polish will come off completely. If you do it right, then poof! just like magic, no more stained nails.


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Covergirl LashBlast Volume Blasting mascara

This was my first mascara, and I still like it better than everything else I’ve tried. Lancome Definicils, you have nothing on this pretty cheap, massively orange tube. One swipe on my lashes and I was in love with its spiky futuristic brush and gorgeously defining formula. And did I mention that it seem to help my lashes curl? When I came back to this formula after the Lancome, little hearts seriously formed in my eyes. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But if I was in a cartoon, that’s honestly what would have happened.¬†This¬†stuff is that¬†good.

The tube

I couldn’t be bothered to dig up a new tube of this in the packaging, so here’s the one I’m going through right now. You was see my fingertips being dwarfed by this on the side, so that should give you an indication of how big it is. I actually found that a larger brush handle helped me to be more careful with the mascara, as compared to a smaller more finicky handle.

The brush

This is Covergirl’s main selling point – the huge brush. If you’re looking for precise coverage on the tiny corner lashes, then this is not a good brush for you. I personally like it because I can do one eye in about 15 seconds. All those tiny bristles are actually super skinny, flexible rubber spikes. This means that I get almost no clumping, no matter how many layers I pile on. It almost has a little lash comb effect going on. And do you notice how black the formula is? (by the way, this color is Very Black) I can never find a mascara that is truly this dark.

Natural Lashes

You can see that without mascara my lashes already have a touch of curl to them, and they are decently long. But they aren’t very defined and they are thin (although there are a lot).

With one coat Lashblast

The mascara makes a huge difference with only one coat. You can see the length and definition it gives my lashes. I can see the volume increase, but honestly, it isn’t that impressive compared to everything else. ¬†It also gives lashes a nice curl. I didn’t use an eyelash curler or anything, but my lashes are ¬†a little curled and fanned out. It does flake a little after a whole day of wear, but I generally go 8-9 hours without noticing any problems. ¬† A word of caution – don’t get near water in this. Don’t wear it to sad movies, don’t wear it to the beach if you might take a dip. It doesn’t stand up to anything more than rain. I personally like that because it comes off with just water and a Neutrogena cleansing bar. ¬†Overall, love. Get it. Although LashPerfect is looking mighty fine and i will definitely be trying it out ūüôā

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Making Boba

For the past few months I’ve had a new obsession: bubble milk tea! It all started at a debate tournament when my team was late to the lunch stand thing. The people kindly informed us that they were out of everything, but they had bubble milk tea. All the Asians on our team were perfectly happy about this, so I handed over my $3 and stared at the sealed cup in my hand. While I was trying to figure out what to do with the ¬†brown blobs on the bottom, the girl who handed me the bubble tea kindly pointed out that I would need one of the oversized straws. After a quick glance at what everybody else was doing, I stabbed the¬†plastic¬†film on my cup and took a tentative sip. And just like that, I was hooked. I think they put crack in bubble tea or something. Because for the next few months, I lived for the bubble tea fundraisers at school. I would be at the classroom door 3 minutes before the bell rang waiting to run like a mad woman to the bubble tea stand. My school is generally pretty tame, but on those afternoons we dissolved into an anarchous mass of bodies trying to get our bubble tea fix. And then we would be in withdrawal for the next week or so.

Then I discovered that Quickly was not the only place in the world to get bubble tea. When I went to one of the little cafes in my town, my mind was blown. Bubble tea became an every-other-day thing for me. But it was also a little hard on my limited funds – it was like $40 a month! So I decided I was going to make my own. I ventured into 99 Ranch Market and found a bag of tapioca pearls, complete with instructions.

Green tea tapioca pearls

The instruction said 8 parts water to 1 part tapioca, so i picked out a pretty big pot.

Pouring in tapioca

I let it boil for 5 minutes. By then the pearls had floated to the top of the water and swelled up.

Boiled pearls

I added a bunch of sugar and stirred until the water was practically syrup. Then I turned off the heat, covered the pot, and let the boba cool down.

The boba turned out a little harder than it was supposed to, but everyone else said they were fine – I prefer my pearls gummy bear like in texture. Okay, now I want to try flavor milk with gummy bears. Do you think a tapioca place will make it if I bring the gummies? Haha we’ll see how that goes.



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Bath & Body Works Haul!

Yesterday my dad took me to the mall in my search for sunglasses that actually help out my super UV sensitive eyes (more on that later, the expedition was a success!) and on the trek back from Nordstrom we saw a lot of yellow around Bath & Body Works. Well, everybody, you know what that means: drumroll please…. the Hello, Yellow sale! Because my dad is as much a sucker for good smelling things as I am, we had to go in. He disappeared to the wall of colognes and whatnot – did you know they have a version of twilight woods for men? It’s awesome. but anyways, I ended up with a medium sized haul. and the best part? There was a buy $30 of stuff get $10 off thing going on, and I barely made it over. 8 products for $20? Yes please ūüėÄ

Here are the photos:

all the products

Everything Together

stress relief lotion, body wash

Stress Relief Lotion and Body wash in Eucalyptus Spearmint

The whole family loves these two – I guess we’re pretty stressed out! I got two bottles of the lotion since we seem to go through a bottle a month, and at 50% off its always good to stock up ūüėõ . The scent is very herbal and sharp but it has a weird relaxing/ refreshing effect. I don’t feel sleepy after using it but it doesn’t make me hyper either. The eucalyptus is dominant and the mint is kind of a top note. It comes on a bit strong at first, but it mellows out on the skin to a lightish fragrance that actually is pretty relaxing. Bonus tip: the body wash is so foamy that i have used it as a bubble bath during finals and stuff.

Signature Classic Body Splash in Pink Grapefruit and White Tea Ginger

Both of these have light summery scents. The grapefruit is pretty much straight up – I can’t smell the wood or musk that’s supposed to be in there. It’s honestly a fantastic scent: sweet but not too sweet or girly nd perfect for spring and summer. The white tea ginger is a very floral scent. The ginger gives it a warm feel but it still seems summery. and of course, the tea smells good.

Moisturizing hand soap in island margarita and a Slatkin Co. candle in Twilight woods

I love B&BW hand soap. It makes my hands soft, clean, and good smelling. And pretty. You can never beat pretty hands. I’m a big fan of all the variations they have on the basic citrus scent at B&BW. This particular incarnation is a really sweet citrus, like limeade with a little kick. And it feels/acts like lotion on my skin until i rinse it off. I will repurchase these forever. I haven’t done anything to the candle yet because it’s 100 degrees out. On Tuesday we had a freezing thunderstorm. ¬†North CA weather is…strange.

That’s all for now!

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Costco is amazing. It’s a Mecca of just about everything. Do I want seaweed salad from Okami? How about a tv? Or a limited edition Stila palette? I can buy it here. Seriously, look.


It’s cases. CASES. Of toblerone. That in itself is like a little slice of heaven for me. And in the corner of the photo you can see all that other candy goodness in this particular aisle. I could honestly spend a whole day here just drooling over the food. And I wouldn’t even be hungry – every aisle is populated with little sample stands. Burgers, Popsicles, it’s a veritable smorgasbord of deliciousness. I wanted to take a picture of the makeup aisle for you guys too, but there was an employee there giving me funny looks and I got a little scared. So here’s a picture of a Teddy bear that’s taller than me in a pool chair. When my mother denied me it I seriously considered throwing a toddler esque tantrum in the middle of the store.

Anyways, I can describe the cosmetics. There honestly are a lot of beauty products. Fekkai hairspray. Borghese anti aging whatever. Lashblast mascara. And everything is practically industrially sized. 24 cup noodles in a case? Right over there, miss. So why the hell did I suddenly feel the need to wax eloquent about Costco? They started selling sushi. Not the little California rolls with imitation crab. Actual sushi made with actual fish in properly made sushi rice and crisp-ish nori. So obviously I would be excited.

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The Beginning

So this is my first post. I’m going to try for something that shows the world who I am, something short and sweet but at the some time incredibly insightful. Something like all those amazing blog posts I read every day. But it’s probably just going to end up awkward.

So why am I starting a blog? Well, whenever I read a really¬†good blog I think, “Wow. ¬†I wanna do that.” Then I realize that I’m gonna need an incredible amount of dedication to achieve that level of ¬†mastery and my confidence wanes. But then I always encounter amazing little things when I’m just doing whatever. ¬†And then I want to share them with people. So here they are.

I don’t know where this blog will take me yet, but I’m sure it will be an adventure for me – and hopefully something entertaining for the readers I pick up along the way. Can I say bon voyage here? I don’t think so, because I’m going to be the one undertaking this. Oh well. Bon voyage!




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