Fourth of July mani

So I ended up feeling kinda festive yesterday – my mom and I went to downtown Walnut Creek and all the flags got to me. Plus this article ( ) made me feel like I needed to be more patriotic, and this is the result 🙂

Bottles used

NYC Pier 17, Claire's Red Slipper, Unnamed white from the Color Workshop

I started out thinking I would be lazy and just alternate colors on my nails. I was hunting down cotton balls to take off the polish I was currently wearing when I saw it: a bobby pin. Then, of course, I remembered the youtube tutorial Cute Polish put up about alternative dotting tools and I decided I was going to dot my nails for the first time in, well, months.


The final result

I thought they ended up looking pretty good, but then again I definitely smudged a few dots on my middle finger. It’s just staying on until Tuesday, though, so I can deal.

And here are a few more shots:

zoom out 1

zoom out 2


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Costco is amazing. It’s a Mecca of just about everything. Do I want seaweed salad from Okami? How about a tv? Or a limited edition Stila palette? I can buy it here. Seriously, look.


It’s cases. CASES. Of toblerone. That in itself is like a little slice of heaven for me. And in the corner of the photo you can see all that other candy goodness in this particular aisle. I could honestly spend a whole day here just drooling over the food. And I wouldn’t even be hungry – every aisle is populated with little sample stands. Burgers, Popsicles, it’s a veritable smorgasbord of deliciousness. I wanted to take a picture of the makeup aisle for you guys too, but there was an employee there giving me funny looks and I got a little scared. So here’s a picture of a Teddy bear that’s taller than me in a pool chair. When my mother denied me it I seriously considered throwing a toddler esque tantrum in the middle of the store.

Anyways, I can describe the cosmetics. There honestly are a lot of beauty products. Fekkai hairspray. Borghese anti aging whatever. Lashblast mascara. And everything is practically industrially sized. 24 cup noodles in a case? Right over there, miss. So why the hell did I suddenly feel the need to wax eloquent about Costco? They started selling sushi. Not the little California rolls with imitation crab. Actual sushi made with actual fish in properly made sushi rice and crisp-ish nori. So obviously I would be excited.

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The Beginning

So this is my first post. I’m going to try for something that shows the world who I am, something short and sweet but at the some time incredibly insightful. Something like all those amazing blog posts I read every day. But it’s probably just going to end up awkward.

So why am I starting a blog? Well, whenever I read a really good blog I think, “Wow.  I wanna do that.” Then I realize that I’m gonna need an incredible amount of dedication to achieve that level of  mastery and my confidence wanes. But then I always encounter amazing little things when I’m just doing whatever.  And then I want to share them with people. So here they are.

I don’t know where this blog will take me yet, but I’m sure it will be an adventure for me – and hopefully something entertaining for the readers I pick up along the way. Can I say bon voyage here? I don’t think so, because I’m going to be the one undertaking this. Oh well. Bon voyage!




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